Why Choose Us?

  • Outstanding Multi-Disciplinary Staff
    Our staff includes board-certified physicians who have earned national and international recognition among their peers. For example, our section chief is included in Woodward/White's database of best doctors. Working as a team, our board-certified physicians, doctorate level audiologist, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, certified surgical technologists, registered polysomnographic technologists and support staff bring together a wide range of expertise that enhances patient care.  These highly skilled and trained professionals will work hard to provide you with the best, most comprehensive care available.

  • Thorough Diagnostics
    We believe in conducting an extensive diagnostic process to fully understand each patient’s problem and its causes. With clearer insight into the patient’s condition, we recommend targeted treatments that can be more effective.

  • Innovative Treatment Approaches
    Our team uses innovative techniques that address the patient’s disorder yet minimize unpleasant side effects or complications.

  • Patient Satisfaction
    At CNY Medical Professionals, we consider you to be the most important member of your care team. We truly care about what you think and how you feel.

  • All-Inclusive Cash Surgery Pricing
    As an independent specialty surgery center, we are able to offer a unique all-inclusive cash price option for ENT surgery. Cash pricing gives those with no insurance or anyone choosing not to use insurance a reasonably priced option for outpatient surgery.  Anyone with a high deductible insurance plan or coinsurance should consider the fact that thousands of dollars may be saved by choosing our cash option. The procedures performed at our outpatient center are relatively short and straightforward with minimal recovery or travel restrictions.  If you are interested in this option, please contact our office for more details.
  • Price Transparency
    It is well known that the health care market in US is unlike any other market. Patients very rarely know what they will pay for surgical services until they receive them. As an organization, we are committed to 100% price transparency. We hope if patients realize that they could get high quality care from lower cost centers, they will prefer such centers. Higher costs for higher quality care is an assumption that is not necessarily true in health care. Click here for more information on surgical procedure prices.
  • High Success Rate