Surgical Procedure Price List

The Cortland Surgical Center is an independent surgery center, and we are able to offer a unique cash price option for surgery. Cash pricing gives those with no insurance or anyone choosing not to use insurance a reasonably priced option for outpatient surgery. Anyone with a high deductible insurance plan or coinsurance should consider the fact that thousands of dollars may be saved by choosing our cash option. The procedures performed at out Cortland Surgical Center are relatively short and straightforward with minimal recovery or travel restrictions.

Prices listed below are for those without insurance or anyone choosing not to use current health insurance.


Adenoidectomy - $ 1500.00


Adenoidectomy and BMT (Ear Tubes) - $ 1800.00


BMT (Ear Tubes) - $ 1200.00


Biopsy - Superficial  Head / Neck Mass - $ 1700.00


Biopsy - Deep  Head / Neck Mass - $ 2300.00


Diagnostic Laryngoscopy (Vocal Cords) with or without Biopsies - $ 1800.00


Esophagoscopy with or without Dilatation / Biopsy - $ 1800.00 


Frenulectomy (Tongue Tie Release) - $ 1100.00


Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Sinus Surgery) single sinus - $ 1800.00


Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Sinus Surgery) with Image Guidance - Multiple Sinus' - $ 4900.00


Laryngoscopy (Vocal Cord) Injections - $ 2400.00


Nasal Fracture Repair - Closed Reduction - $ 1400.00


Septoplasty with or without Turbinate Reduction - Simple Approach (Snoring Surgery) - $ 2800.00


Submandibular Salivary Gland (Stone) Removal - $ 3500.00


Thyroidectomy - One side - $ 3500.00


Thyroidectomy - Completion - $ 3800.00


Tonsillectomy - $ 1500.00


Tonsillectomy with BMT (Ear Tubes) - $ 1800.00


Tonsillectomy with Adenoidectomy - $ 2000.00


Tonsillectomy with Adenoidectomy and BMT (Ear Tubes) - $ 2400.00


The listed price is a package price, and is valid for 60 days after your consultation. Package fees cover:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesiologist's services
  • Facility services and supplies

The prices for the procedure listed on this website include the facility fee, the surgeon’s fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee. The initial consultation with the surgeon is also included, as is uncomplicated follow-up care. The duration of postoperative care is different for each surgical procedure. Therefore, your surgeon will inform you at the initial consultation the amount of postoperative care covered by the price. Our goal is for the price to be as transparent as possible.

A list of what is NOT included in the fee is as follows:

  • Any diagnostic studies necessary prior to the surgery such as lab, MRI, X-rays, consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management
  • Pathology and lab fee’s
  • Lodging and travel expenses
  • The rare possibility of an unexpected transfer or admission to a hospital for treatment of a surgical complication

Package price options do not apply for patients choosing to have services billed to their insurance.

Payment Policy

Payment for package priced procedures must be made in full prior to the time the surgery is performed. Patients may pay for services in cash, certified/bank check, and credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Financing options are available through Care Credit™ for those patients who qualify.

If you have any additional questions about our pricing or payment plans, please call 607-662-4521 to speak with us today.